We have chosen the market leader as our freight forwarding partner – for more than 15 years successfully operating UAB DPD Lietuva ( www.dpd.lt). We are glad that we did not make a mistake in choosing this partner – more than 99% of our shipments reach customers without any problems.

Delivery time

When buying in our store, in 99% of cases you will receive the goods within 1-2 working days. If you order the goods before 2 pm on the same day, you will receive the goods on the next working day, if after 2 pm the parcel will be delivered the next working day. Delivery time depends on the region of Lithuania, so residents of some cities and areas can choose a more accurate delivery time when purchasing.

Delivery methods

  1. Your shipment can be delivered by DPD courier to the address specified by you during business hours.
  2. If you want to receive the ordered goods at a time convenient for you, you can pick them up from the DPD self-service parcel terminals. You can choose the nearest self-service parcel terminal when ordering goods. DPD self-service parcel terminals are open 24 hours a day, without any limited working hours, so you can pick up your goods at a time convenient for you.

Delivery of the order will take place if the selected goods fit in the packaging corresponding to DPD self-service parcel terminals and the weight does not exceed 31.5 kg. If the ordered goods do not fit in one package, the website administrator will contact you and discuss the most suitable method of delivery (for two separate packages, the delivery fee for the second package will be calculated additionally.)

If the shipment is heavier than 31.5 kg or the dimensions of the goods are larger than specified below, delivery of the goods to the DPD self-service parcel terminals will not be possible. The site administrator will inform you about this.

Shipment tracking online

All shipments sent by DPD courier or to self-service parcel terminals can be tracked online from the moment they are sent. If you want to know exactly where your shipment is, you can track its direct route on the website www.dpd.lt

Notification of delivery

After the parcel is delivered to the DPD self-service parcel terminals, you will be informed by an SMS message where the door code for picking up the parcel will be provided. This code will need to be entered at the DPD self-service terminal when picking up the shipment.

Shipment storage period

The shipment is kept at the DPD self-service parcel terminal for 7 calendar days after receiving the notification that the order has already been delivered to the DPD self-service parcel terminal and can already be picked up. You will be informed about the delivered order by an SMS message, indicating the self-service parcel terminals door code. Only with this code you will be able to pick up the shipment from the specified self-service parcel terminal. Keep the door code until you pick up the order from the post office. If the shipment is not picked up within 7 calendar days, it will be returned to us.