What are cookies?

Cookies are short textual information that websites place on the computers or other devices of users who browse them. Depending on your browser, this information is stored either in small individual files or in a shared file of cookies stored by different websites.

Cookies are used by many advanced websites in Lithuania and abroad. Cookies can only be placed if your device’s settings allow it.

Use of cookies on the website www.ugicode.com

Cookies on the websites of UAB Jokado Projektai are used to determine whether persons from your device have already visited our websites, to remember the actions taken (eg choosing the language of the website), to provide you with the most relevant information, and to collect general website traffic statistics.

Our websites use these cookies:




session cookie Session allows the user to navigate the page faster 1 month after the browser was closed
has_js Determines whether the user’s browser supports javascript programming language Immediately after closing the browser
s_cc Captures traffic statistics Immediately after closing the browser
s_ev21 Captures traffic statistics 5 years after the browser was closed
s_sq Captures traffic statistics Immediately after closing the browser

By browsing our websites, you agree to the storage of cookies on your computer or other device. You can revoke your consent at any time by changing your web browser settings and deleting your saved cookies. Information on how to do this can be found in the browser’s help pages:
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer

Information security

We carefully protect the data collected about the visitors of the website of UAB Jokado Projektai from illegal processing.

IP addresses

When administering the website of UAB Jokado Projektai, the IP addresses of its visitors’ computers are used. An IP address is a unique code on a network that identifies a computer.

Answers to your questions

If you have any questions about the information provided here, please contact us by e-mail uzsakymai@ugikodas.lt