Apron ARDEN with 2 Slits

Apron ARDEN with 2 Slits

The slits allow you to move freely.

The apron is suitable for both men and women.

The straps are made of the same fabric and tie at the back;

Universal size. 

Base colors: black, blue, beige, gray, burgundy and brown.

The fabric is woven in a coarse weave, which can be seen more clearly in the additional photos.

If the required quantity is not in stock, the production time – 3 weeks.

Aprons in other colors are made to order. Minimum order quantity for other colors –  100 pcs.

There is also a chest apron with the same design – ARDEN 2S.

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Apron ARDEN with 2 Slits

The density of fabric – 210 g/m²

Composition – 65% polyester, 35% cotton

Key fabric features


Care of the apron:

Our fabrics are certified

Universal size dimensions: